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To Lose Weight Fast Sometimes It Has To Burn

If I had to pick on exercise to lose weight fast that looks so easy yet is so challenging it would be the abdominal plank. I mean really all you have to do is hold yourself in a straight plank position. How hard can that be and you would be losing weight fast? For those that have never tried this exercise before you are in for a wonderful surprise. Yes, you only have to hold yourself in a straight plank position, but when you are in this position your abdominals are doing all the work to hold you in that straight line.

They are working overtime to maintain that position. To lose weight fast it is important that you complete this exercise properly to get maximum benefit and really strengthen your abdominal region. The objective is to complete 4 sets of 60 seconds each set. To determine the proper exercise intensity let's start with test 1. 1. First test will be for you to get on your knees and forearms.

Place your forearms far enough from your knees so that your back is nice and flat. Your hips shouldn't sag nor should your hips be pointing up to the sky. This is very important if you want this exercise to help you lose weight fast.

If you took a ruler from your shoulders to your hips the ruler should line up with your body. Try and hold this for 30 seconds . Move on to test 2 if you are able to hold this straight, flat position for 30 seconds. If you are challenged to hold this position for 30 seconds then this is where you begin. Start with 4 sets of 30 seconds each and as you get stronger increase your time for each set until you reach 60 seconds for each set. 2.

The second test is the same position as the first test except instead of your knees being the anchor point your feet are the anchor point. Maintaining the straight flat line bring your knees off the ground so that only your feet and forearms are on the ground. Again hold for the suggested 30 seconds in this straight, flat position. Your shoulder and hips should be flat and straight like a board. To reiterate if your goal is to lose weight fast there should be no sagging of the hips or arching. If you pass move to test #3.

If not stay here and complete 4 sets of 30 seconds each set. Increase each sets time as you get stronger to 60 seconds. 3. If you have passed the first two tests then you are ready for test #3. Using a stability ball you will place your forearms on the stability ball instead of on the ground. This will create instability and force you to contract your muscles even more to maintain balance and stability.

If you have made it this far your goal is to start with 4 sets of 30 seconds and as you get stronger work your way up to 4 sets of 60 seconds. You may find at first that you aren't terribly fatigued from this or you don't feel that muscle exhaustion like you do with other exercises. If you are one that feels this way then wait until the next day and see how sore you are or try just one set of planks and see how tired your muscles feel. Add this exercise to your routine to lose weight fast and after a few months of these along with a proper carb rotation diet you will be ready to show off your washboard stomach to anyone and everyone.

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