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Strontium an Important Trace Element

Introduction: Strontium is an element that has both stable and radioactive forms. The radio active form that you get after an atomic bomb explosion is not what we care about here. What we are talking about here is the stable form of strontium. This element has 38 protons, reside as element 38 of the periodic table of elements.

It is right below calcium in its position in the periodic table, and it is not surprising when we see how and what strontium do for our body. Source of Strontium: One good news is that our earth has plenty of strontium. 0.04 percent of the earth crust is composed of strontium. It also present in the seawater, and as a trace element in our body. On average, the human body contains about 320 mg of strontium, most of them are for the bones and connective tissues.

What Can Strontium Do for Us? It has been shown by Mayo Clinic that a fairly high dose (like 1.7 gram)of strontium does no harm to our human body. It has also been shown using x-ray that people who live in areas that has more strontium in their water, their soil has stronger teeth and bones.

Those people in comparing with the population in large, has healthier teeth, no cavities and very little osteoporosis. Strontium, like calcium is a double charged base element, it can take place of calcium and help in the bone and connective tissue formation. It is also known by scientist that calcium and strontium should not be taking together. Calcium would be absorbed and strontium would be left alone if both are taking at the same time.

From the above study, we can see that strontium is also very important and vital to keep our bone healthy. Another important discovery of strontium is how it prevent the irritation effects of chemical on our skin. It is possible that strontium prevent sensory irritation such as stinging, burning,itching, and inflammation by interacting with the nociceptive neurons on our skin. How do we get Strontium? Normally strontium travels up to the food chain and end up plays some vital functions in our body. However, with the depletion of essential minerals in our food, we have to be more aware of what and where we can get enough strontium. Taking strontium supplement is necessary.

We should look for the type of supplement that can be easily absorbed into our body. We can also apply strontium containing creams to our skin to help prevent irritations. A Rich Use-able Source of Strontium: Dead sea as we know, has its special place on this earth since biblical time. A lot of famous health spa located themselves in the dead sea to benefits from its unique characteristic, high enrichment of minerals that are health promoting. People who has skin problems such as Rosacea - a chronic skin problem that manifested as erythyma, dry skins problems, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, flock to the dead sea for relief. From medical research studies, we see that strontium can help the relief of skin irritation for people who has contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

It also help people who has sensitive skins, prevent the skin react to perfums, daily house hold chemical. Conclusion: Based on research and fact, it is beneficial to use product that are enriched in strontium for helping keep our skin young and fresh. It is also beneficial to our body to supplement an absorbe-able strontium.

Since many years ago, Judith was fascinated by the human body and technology. She is especially interested in anti aging and computation technology. She like the dead sea products

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