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Severe Depression The Symptoms of Depression

Depression is considered to be a disorder. This is because it involves everything in the patient's body, mood and thoughts. Anyone who has this won't be able to eat properly, sleep well, think about oneself and practically do anything.

People have to keep in mind that depression is much worse than just a passing mood that anyone can get because of a bad day at the office. This is because it is something that a person will not able to recover from with just a snap of finger rather with medication, counseling and the help of family and friends who are there. Some studies have shown that depression may be passed on from one generation to the next. Though this doesn't always happen because there are also patients who have never had this in the family's medical history, only one thing is certain. This will usually occur when there are changes in the patient's brain structure or function. This could be from worrying too much or having low self-esteem, losing a loved one after a traumatic event, hormonal changes in the body or after patient has survived from a medical illness making one feel apathetic.

The causes just mentioned show that depression can happen to anyone regardless of age, culture or gender. Those who have this problem can later become mentally ill while others turn suicidal. The best indication for anyone to notice that the person is experiencing this problem could be in the output at work or in the relationship one has with others. Here are some of the symptoms of depression. The person may experience one or manifest a combination.

1. The person may have feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and sadness. 2.

Someone who once enjoyed a certain sport or hobby has somehow lost interest in it. Friends or family may not be able to tell if this happens on one occasion but will be able to later on if this continues. 3.

Depression can also happen if the individual has difficulty focusing on a certain task, has difficult remembering something or when making a decision. 4. The patients weight has dropped down because the person isn't consuming anything or if this has gone up due to overeating. 5. The individual has a hard time going to bed at night more popularly known as insomnia or has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. 6.

The last symptom is the person's no response or reaction to the treatments given by the doctor. This can be felt even when given medication to treat a headache, digestive disorders or chronic pain. Those who feel that the person has this problem should schedule a physical examination with the doctor. More tests will have to be done later on should the specialist feel it is needed so that a course of action can be taken. Depression affects many Americans every year and studies have shown that it affects more women than men. Since there is no wonder cure for this disorder, both the doctor and the patient will have to work together for weeks, months or even years before making a breakthrough.

The specialist may use drugs and recommend medication. Patients who feel this can be overcome at home can just visit the clinic regularly while those who cannot will have to be confined to the mental institution.

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