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Latest Modern Acne Treatments

Acne has traditionally been treated through one of three ways. Antibiotics are one, being a time honored way to deal with acne which is, after all, an inflammation on the skin caused by bacteria. A second method employs facial cleansers and skin wash, which are often designed to clean a person's skin all the way down to the pores, washing out the substances which cause acne. Lastly, the most radical method is to employ surgery to cut out the acne, though this may sometimes lead to heavy scarring if the acne problem of the patient is severe.

These methods are the most traditional means of dealing with acne, and while they are effective and proven, outbreaks of acne still occur and none of these methods are 100% guaranteed to work. Modern dermatologists have been experimenting with newer forms of acne treatment which hopefully will lead to a permanent effective solution. Laser therapy is one form of acne treatment which is being studied and is meant to eventually replace classic surgery as a means of removing acne. Laser surgery for acne employs several different types of heat and light emitters at the moment. One form of laser therapy employs low energy blue light lasers.

These have been shown to destroy acne slowly but effectively without harming the surface skin in any way. This procedure is painless, and the only known side effect is a temporary dryness of skin afterwards. This dryness is in itself anti-acne as well, since oily skin also likewise causes acne. Regular diode laser treatment of acne has been proven likewise effective in fighting acne. Controlled energy emissions from a diode laser can literally burn out acne under the skin while causing no surface damage beyond a certain amount of redness like a temporary sun burn. However, unlike the slower and gentler blue light lasers, this form or treatment is more painful and requires anesthetics.

However, this more aggressive form of laser treatment is more effective in fighting severe acne cases than blue light therapy. Aside from lasers, cosmetic dermatological procedures are also being studied as means to fight acne. Chemical peels for acne are being designed, quite like classic black-head removers. These peels are applied to the skin, and the chemicals on the peel act to weaken and adhere to the acne. Then, when they're removed they take a majority of the acne-cores with them. This process works.

However it is only recommended for mild cases of acne because it causes skin scarring if used on severe acne cases. Of all the new acne treatment procedures, this is one that most people will be able to use by themselves with little or no guidance from a dermatologist. Lastly, another cosmetic procedure being developed is mild dermatological abrasion.

If you've ever heard of the joke about using sand paper to wipe off pimples, this is essentially what this treatment method does. However, it does it a lot gentler, by spraying softening liquids on the skin, then sprinkling a fine coating of abrasive dust on the acne spots, followed by a gentle scrub to remove the acne without scarring. This method is still being refined, but it's actually one that a lot of dermatologists are considering using.

The main reason for this is that after the acne is removed, the treatment method is one that is most conducive to applying medication for acne prevention and skin healing post-operation.

About the author: John Tulley manages the Alpha7 Acnezine acne treatments web site. Our web site has more detailed information about the causes of acne.

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