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Is SmartLipo a top surgical cosmetic procedure

SmartLipo is a laser treatment used in cosmetic surgery that removes stubborn body fat areas using laser surgery technique. The procedure involves use of laser tipped tubes that work under skins, its laser lights focusing directly at these fat cells. It rapidly dissolves the fat and tightens the skin surrounding it.

It can be applied to almost any parts of the body. The procedure does not require any use of general anesthetics and could be carried out in an office. In mid 2000's, two types of laser assisted liposuction methods were developed which were approved by FDA.

One of these methods is SmartLipo. Laser assisted liposuction procedure has led to improving the preparation process involved in such a procedure. As the fat got dissolved instantly, the size of the canula used to remove the liquid did get reduced. The method also requires very small incision on skin and is also less invasive.

Generally, after a liposuction procedure, you are required to wear a compression garment. After undergoing SmartLipo procedure, the duration of wearing such a garment is considerably reduced. The procedure causes very little pain and requires very little time for recovery.

One point is to be kept in mind while considering SmartLipo option. Everybody cannot take advantage of this procedure. It must not be considered as an alternative to healthy lifestyle. If you are physically fit and following a healthy lifestyle, you might be a candidate for application of this procedure especially when you are unable to remove fat from some areas of your body applying usual procedures of diet and exercise.

These problem areas are generally around abdomen, buttock, thighs and your flanks. There will always be a risk factor as it is a surgical procedure. Before going for such a procedure, you should consult with your doctor regarding pros and cons of undertaking such a procedure. Results obtained by using SmartLipo procedure have been more than satisfactory. The problems of dimpling, rippling, bumps and pockets observed after undergoing ordinary liposuction is virtually unknown after applying this procedure.

Another plus point of this procedure is that it does not remove too much or too little fat. The area is treated evenly and this condition improves as the recovery process goes on and skin shrinks around the application site. Because of all these advantages of this procedure, the popularity of this procedure is increasing day by day. Traffic statics has shown that number of people visiting SmartLipo site on the net in first quarter of 2008 is more than double of what it was in the last quarter of 2007.

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