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Fitness Equipment Elliptical Machine Buyers Guide

Elliptical machine reviews are packed with details about the superb weight loss cardio workouts the trainers provide. If you are gearing up for some thigh-toning aerobic conditioning, getting one of these fat-burning exercise partners is an excellent place to start. However, if you see one of these strange-looking gizmo's and equate it with some kind of torture tool, you can't be blamed! Exercise equipment in general, and elliptical machines in particular, are evolving so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep up with all the latest innovations.

If you decide that this is just the thing to get you into that sexy, skin-tight pair of jeans, make sure that you test the different brands and models thoroughly. There simply is no other way to discover the perfect training partner for you. If the elliptical machine doesn't feel stable and puts up too much of a racket, go to the next model on your list. Some basic questions you should definitely ask your sales person. 1.

The type of drive. The drive system is a vital element, but it may be difficult for a novice to make a judgment as to its quality and durability. It will be worth your while to do some homework on the internet and check reliable review sites for suggestions. These guys usually know where the hiccups are and will point them out. 2.

How noisy is it during operation? If the noise level is too high, it will just become irritating and may eventually prevent you from exercising. If you want to use a television or a CD player with some of the best workout music as distractions while training, you have to make sure that the sound won't be drowned out by noise emanating from your training machine. In many instances a low sound level may be an indication of better quality. Take all of this into account when making your buying decision.

3. What is the stride length? Make sure that the stride length is comfortable for your body type and as long as possible. The norm is more or less between 19" and 21". Too short a stride will not give you the fluid, smooth action you desire. 4.

How many programs are included? A variety of programs will motivate you to stick to your weight loss cardio workout regimen. It also adds interest and introduces an element of freshness every time you set a new challenge. The programs can focus on fat-burning exercise and weight loss, your heart, hill climbing, fitness tests and a diverse range of other options. In most instances the trainer will adjust the settings automatically according to your choice of program. Some will also automatically do what is necessary to keep you within your target training zone.

5. What does the feedback consist of? Apart from the programs, the feedback may include details about the calories you are burning while training, your heart rate, the number of strides, the time, the resistance level you are using, and the distance. Some trainers also come with a curb counter. 6. Does it incorporate an upper body workout? Some elliptical trainers come with movable upper body handlebars. This adds another dimension to the training and makes it more productive.

You should never be in a hurry when shopping for an elliptical machine. By taking your sweet time and doing some careful testing, you may end up in a long-term training relationship that quite literally pays handsome dividends.

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