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Fitness Rebuild Your Body Temple

The first tiny step is to rebuild our body temple. Strengthen those muscles that act as pillars. And we'll find the verses of our scriptures singing through us ­mantras to the god within us. The awakening of an energy that ripples through us.

To banish the shadows. Or view them as friendly shaded spots. Our idea is not to push people into exercising. It has to come from within.

A strong motivation that builds up when we question ourselves. Why do we always feel so tired? Why don't we have the energy to drop in on our friends or neighbours? The answer is obvious. We have been so busy working in our offices or homes, we've not cared to press the button that works on our lifestyle. Let's start with our minds.

We could greet the day with a new mantra: "I am going to live positively today". As the words sink into the subconscious, the gears in the mind slowly shift. It may take minutes, hours or days.

But it's worth keeping at it. Most of us tend to get over-enthusiastic. Toe-touching and sit-ups are dredged out of school memories and we launch into them, forgetting that a body used to years of sedentary lifestyle, is bound to protest. The next day only brings a bruised body and, of course, a goodbye to exercising.

Here, it's a lack of understanding of our body that goes against us. The ache is because we have pulled muscles which are cold. A cold muscle is like a dry leaf that tears when manipulated. The secret is to warm those muscles. The warming can be done by gentle jogging on the spot. Or even by lying down and cycling slowly.

This activity pushes the blood into the muscle which. then becomes like a healthy green leaf that can be bent, but springs back when we let it go. How do we know that the muscle has warmed up? A sheen of perspiration breaks over the skin.

It should be enough to lead us into the cat stretch. The cat stretch is something we can pick up from our local tabby which indulges itself in a very, normal, natural animal act. Standing with our legs apart, we raise our right arm over our head to our left side and s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Gently 'bounce' for about 10 counts. We repeat the action with our left arm over our right side. Like we have mind-setters or guidelines, the stretch is only a 'body-setter'.

It's not the ultimate in exercising, but its slow and easy pace prepares a person for more exercising in the not-too-distant future. It's a beginning. A symbol of a new life. The first gentle push out of inertia into positive living. With every stretch, the skin unfolds and 'crackles' pleasurably.

Simultaneously, the good feeling transmitted through the brain sets the wheels of motivation rolling in the mind. As the momentum accelerates, we will find we want to exercise. It will become an enjoyable part of life -like eating. There's a whole exciting world out there to be seen through the eyes of the fit.

There are various ways of attaining that goal. But positive living encompasses a wider range - a fitter, better lifestyle. A world where the mind and body are working together. The good old team spirit. And most important of all, the recongnition of one fact- that every individual has his or her own way of attaining fitness. As we go on, we should pick and choice what our individuality best.

The secret ofbeing happily healthy is to discovers, set 'reachable' goals at a comfortable pace. we've got a life time to get into positive living. But, we've got to start now.

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