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Finally Get Rid of Embarrassing Body Acne

When most people think of acne, they think about the face. This is not always where breakouts occur. Acne can also affect the body. The shoulders, upper arms, chest, and neck can all be areas of acne concern. Acne is a common problem, mainly among teenagers. It can strike anyone although your skin type can have a lot to do with both the breakout and the severity.

Sometimes the foods we eat can trigger an acne attack. The most common form of acne that does not affect the face is called bacne. This is because it occurs on the back. Body acne can affect men and women of all ages including teens and adults.

However, it is more common in males. Usually it starts on the face and just keeps spreading until it reaches other areas of the body. This is not to say that it is contagious. It is triggered by certain factors and some people are more at risk than others. The main causes of back acne and facial acne are the pores becoming clogged with dead skin and oil. This results in your pores becoming clogged with bacteria which causes pimples.

This is because the back has more oil glands than anywhere else other than the face. The myth that clothes can contribute to body acne is exactly that. They do not cause acne but they can aggravate an already existing condition. By wearing tight clothes when you are suffering from a breakout you can cause more problems. Wear lighter colored and looser clothing and you will be more comfortable. The light color will cut down on sweating as this is another irritant for acne.

One thing that you need to remember when you have an acne breakout is to try and keep your hands from touching it constantly. You need to wash your hands and try to keep them as clean as possible. Most people have a natural instinct to want to scratch or touch something that may be aggravating you. This opens the area up for more bacteria to enter. The possibility for infections dramatically increase which can easily cause more problems that you don't need. Make sure that when you shower you do not scrub any areas of acne.

This will only aggravate the situation. A gentle cleansing is far better for the area. Adding a warm bath with baking soda in the water can help provide relief if the area on your skin looks pretty bad.

This is soothing and can provide relief from irritation for a time. Alpha hydroxy lotions are often used for back acne and have proven an effective method for treating mild to severe acne. It is usually available over the counter so check your local drugstore or pharmacy. Peroxide is another type of treatment that many people have used.

You need to remember that it will bleach fabric is it comes into contact with it, so wear light colors if you are going to try this treatment.

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