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Common Ingredients of Supplements for Prostate Health

The increasing number of men suffering from prostate disorders has resulted in the pharmaceutical industry's development of various products that act as supplements for prostate health. These products are not meant to cure disorders such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate and cancer; instead, they are formulated to help keep the prostate gland healthy and less susceptible to these disorders. Most supplements for prostate health are based on herbs, vitamins and minerals that have been proven to help in the maintenance of the prostate gland. Most of these supplements are manufactured in gel or tablet forms and are taken either once or twice a day. Lycopene, saw palmetto, Pygeum and other vitamins and minerals commonly form the foundations of these supplements. For the most part, they are priced just like ordinary vitamin or mineral supplements that are being offered in the market.

Products that are based on saw palmetto are some of the most popular prostate supplements in the market today. Saw palmetto is a shrub with palm-like leaves and stems that are like the teeth of a saw. In several European studies, the extract of saw palmetto berries have been shown to be effective in helping patients with enlarged prostate by inhibiting the synthesis of growth-stimulating DHT and by lowering estrogen levels. Pygeum, another herbal remedy, is often combined with saw palmetto in commercial supplements offered by drug companies. Pygeum is derived from tree bark and has been used for enlarged prostate and prostatitis. Cernilton is another product that is primarily based on herbs; in this particular case, from the extract of rye pollen.

Studies have shown that this supplement is effective in managing benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostatitis. Aside from herbs, green tea extract and pomegranate juice have also been used as basic ingredients in some commercial supplements. Decaffeinated green tea extract is said to be an effective cancer fighter and some researchers are actually giving it credit for the low incidence of prostate cancer among Asian men, a group that is known for regularly drinking green tea.

Pomegranate juice, on the other hand, has been shown to help in slowing the progression of prostate cancer. When it comes to vitamins and minerals, vitamin E, D and C are the primary supplements recommended for the maintenance of prostate gland health. Minerals such as zinc and selenium are also popular among drug manufacturers and are also highly recommended by scientists and nutritionists. Supplements for prostate health are not cures for prostate cancer or any other prostate-related disorders. They are used primarily to strengthen a man's prostate gland and minimize his chances of developing disorders. Whatever brand or type a patient is considering to use, it is still highly advisable to first seek the advice of doctors and health professionals before making any purchase.

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