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Cigarettes and Public Speaking

Having to stand up in public and speak can be really nerve racking. It's a common phobia that a lot of people have. It's a nervousness that all eyes are suddenly on you. Everyone is listening to every word you say.

It can be truly terrifying. If it's something that makes you very nervous, then there's no doubt that you are going to want a cigarette right before you do it. Maybe having a quick smoke will ease your nerves about giving the speech a little. The cigarette will get you calm at least until you are forced to look at everyone's faces. Those blank faces in the crowd waiting to hear what you have to say to them.

But you shouldn't be too worried. After all, you wrote out your speech ahead of time. Or maybe you practiced in front of the mirror. You decided that this hand gesture should go with this part of the speech. You practiced your pitch and your tone of voice.

The speech is completely laid out beforehand. All you have to do is go ahead and say it. And that shouldn't be too hard. After all, you talk all the time. But what if you get up there in front of that giant crowd and your most recent cigarette has dried out your throat? You croak instead of speaking that fantastically catchy opening line that you've been practicing. Well it's all par for the course when you are a smoker.

Smoking dries out your throat, which makes it difficult for people to speak. This may cause a constant need to clear your throat just to get some volume. Maybe people make fun of the way your voice is always creaking and croaking. It isn't very attractive or awe-inspiring after all. Smokers also have to worry about the smoker's laugh.

This is when your overworked lungs press out a cough instead of a laugh. Maybe you're on a date and they just told you a great joke. Or maybe your obnoxious boss just told you a horrible joke. No matter what the situation is, your laugh is going to come out more like a hoarse little cough than a genuine laugh. You begin coughing and your face turns red. Your eyes begin to tear up.

Now instead of sharing a joke your date is patting you mercilessly on the back and asking if you're okay. That's not a whole lot of fun. Or your boss gets annoyed because his horrible punch line that he thinks is so great is ruined by your smoking laugh. He makes a mental note to only tell jokes when you're not around - so as not to ruin them. Soon everyone at the office is sucking up to the boss by laughing at his jokes and you're alone in your cube.

That's not good networking. Our voice is the major way in which we communicate with other people. But a voice can become less powerful when harmed by smoking - and that hurts your ability to communicate with others.

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