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Baby Acne Never Too Young

Have you ever heard of baby acne? Realize that teenagers and adults are not the only people whose faces become sprinkled with blemishes and pimples. If you have a newborn baby whose face has broken out in red bumps and pimples, you may find yourself in a complete panic. You may wonder what has happened to your precious newborn, and how you can fix this problem. You may think that your baby is much too young to go through something you are only used to seeing on adults and teenagers. However, before you get yourself worked up into a great frenzy, realize that baby acne is quite typical and common. In fact, baby acne usually occurs right around the same time that a baby is in his or her peak of gas production.

This is typically when the baby is three to four weeks old. Baby acne usually ends once the child is between four to six months old. Baby acne is actually passed on to the baby directly from his or her mother. When a baby is born, the mother's hormones cross into the placenta and go into the child. This action causes the oil glands in the baby's skin to become irritated. Thus, baby acne takes place.

Baby acne can be irritated even more when the baby becomes warm or begins to cry. These things cause the baby's blood to flow to the skin rather quickly, and irritation sometimes occurs. If a baby's clothes or blankets are washed in harsh laundry detergent, this can also cause a serious breakout. Usually, baby acne looks similar to adult acne, as it is red and pimply and occurs on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. Sometimes the baby will even develop blackheads and whiteheads. Babies may also develop acne on other parts of the body.

Remember that a baby's new skin is very soft and delicate, so harsh environments, chemicals, and other irritants will surely irritate the skin much more so than if it was an adult's skin. Doctors can easily diagnose baby acne simply by its appearance and the age of the baby when it appears. However, most doctors will not take much action to treat the baby's acne. The only real treatments for baby acne are to wash the baby's face gently with water and mild soap at least one time per day.

A doctor may also suggest that you avoid putting lotion or oil on the baby's face or irritated skin area, as this will only aggravate the situation further. The only time a doctor may prescribe acne medication for the child is after he or she has turned six months old. And, if it is prescribed, the medication will be the mildest dosage possible. Because it is highly difficult to treat or prevent baby acne, it is simply a stage that the baby must get through. In the meantime, enjoy your new baby and don't worry too much.

His or her skin will clear in time to reveal a happy baby face.

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