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Baby Acne Facts and Treatment

Baby acne is usually seen on the cheeks, chin, and forehead. It can be present at birth but usually develops around 3 to 4 weeks of age. Baby acne occurs when hormonal changes in the body stimulate oil glands in the baby's skin. The condition can look worse when the baby is crying or fussy, or any other instance that increases blood flow to the skin.

Lesions include small, red, papules, which mainly affect the cheeks, as well as the nasal bridge of infants. Infants usually develop neonatal acne because of stimulation of the baby's sebaceous glands by lingering maternal hormones after delivery. These hormones cross the placenta into the baby and after delivery they cause the oil glands on the skin to form bumps that look like pimples. Baby acne usually clears up within a few weeks, but it can linger for months. Causes Baby acne is associated by changes in the level of hormones, bad nutrition and greasy or oily skin. But the main cause of this type of acne is changes in the production of hormones.

Before the birth, pregnant lady to newborn baby transmits the hormones. Sometimes, baby acne is associated by contact with dirty clothes. Baby Acne Treatment Usually, no treatment is necessary.

It is best to leave it alone. Topical remedies and vigorous washing could irritate your baby's sensitive skin. It may surprise you but oil and lotions do not help. What can help is cleaning the face of the baby once a day with water or you can use a baby soap. Don't scrub the face of your baby, scrubbing can cause skin irritation.

- Use a product with a vinegar solution make sure you buy a product with all natural ingredients. - Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to put creams or oils on the face of your baby. This solution can work with teenager or adult acne but it will not help with baby acne.

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