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Ab Fat Risk And Reduction

Abdominal fat is perhaps the most dangerous type of fat in the body. The United States and many other thriving countries have an epidemic on their hands. Obesity is a major problem that is killing millions. Too much fat throughout the body is dangerous, but excess ab weight is extremely risky.

No matter who you are there is a good chance that at some point you will have to battle against too much ab fat. When most people think about fat around the abs they think of it as being unattractive. They think the ab fat is keeping people from seeing the sexy abdominal muscles underneath. Although this may be the case there is a much greater issue to be concerned about. Your abdominal area is made up of two types of fat.

The health risk of one of those fats is very high. Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat just underneath the skin. This subcutaneous fat accounts for about 80% of the fat in your body. This is the fat that is often measured by fitness trainers using body calipers to determine your body fat percentage. Although you may have strong ab muscles they are often never seen because of this layer of fat. The organs of our bodies are protected by a layer of fat called visceral fat.

When an excess of this fat surrounds the organs it becomes a serious health issue. This fat often shows itself in the belly of men, and the hips and butt of women. Although these areas have flabby subcutaneous fat the visceral fat usually has a hard feeling to it.

As when you push a mans belly and it really doesn't sink in. Both types of fat are dangerous. However, scientific research is constantly learning more about how bad visceral fat really is. Inflammatory diseases affect most people at some point in their life. Among them are cancer, alzheimer's, arthritis, asthma, and heart disease. Research has shown obesity to play a major role in these diseases.

Visceral fat is a major driving force, releasing excess amount of inflammatory messengers. In the proper balance these messengers are the key to our immune system. In excess they slowly destroy the body. Now that you are armed with this information you should walk into the gym with purpose. Reducing ab fat could literally save your life. At the very least you will help avoid many of the diseases that plague the world.

Oh, and of course you will create hot sexy six pack abs. It's not just enough to know the dangerous health risk of excess abdominal fat. If you don't know where to start you can waste a lot of time. I don't want to leave you at the mercy of every ab reduction fad that comes along.

Learn some tried and true workout and diet keys (not the age old sit-ups, crunches, and cardio) and you can find success. Don't fall into the trap of doing thousands of sit-ups and hours of cardio. After all most of the people you know who do these things don't have the ultimate abs. If you want to really have success then you need to follow sound nutritional advice and use strategic workouts. Try and do this on your own and you will probably give up before you succeed. Why is this? As you have learned in this article healthy abs are important to your overall health.

When you fail to follow through on sound workout and nutritional plans you are opening yourself up to inflammatory diseases and other health issues. Developing hot abs is not just about your looks any more. You now know the truth about the health risk of having a fat midsection.

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